Single Dominion

Every 3rd Saturday Quarterly



Every 2nd Saturday Quarterly


In Gen. 2:18 the creator stated that it is not good for man to be alone and He committed Himself to providing a helper comparable (help meet) to Adam. God wants to help a man or woman before the need for a spouse arises or becomes a threat. Casual observation of the end time trend indicates that the devil is afflicting and oppressing many with the frustration of singleness and loneliness. Many are suffering from delay to get spouse and difficulty of settling down to pursue purposeful and meaningful life.

Many are found seeking to know how to understand the will of God for marriage when they are already overdue. It is not God’s plan to put you in the kinds of afore mentioned traps. Hence, this programme is organised monthly to prepare young ones for an uninterruptable and timely settlement in God-glorifying employment, marital life and solid relationship. We believe that it is better to pray now than later. It is better to learn and equip yourself now than later.

This involves Christ-centred teaching (John 8:32) and prayers (James 5:13-15) to deal with strange and unexplainable life challenges on every 2nd Saturday of the month between 7.00 am and 9.00 am. It has been running as a customised faith clinic, designed for divine intervention and deliverance from oppression of the devil and other problems. The challenges in question include: barrenness; strange demonic afflictions and attacks; delay in marriage and stagnancy in destiny.