The ushering unit of the church is a multipurpose unit and is into a welcoming ministry. The members are the first to be sighted in any church and so they are expected to conduct themselves in ways that speak well of the church.
1. See to orderliness of all things in the church and protect the church integrity by what they do.
2. Arrange all materials for each service like offering envelopes, tambourines, class dividers as applicable and lots more.
3. Ensure the people are properly arranged from the front seat to the back.
4. Ensure that the church auditorium is clean and fit for service and the seats are arranged before the commencement of each service.
5. Ensure the windows and doors are opened before each service and properly shut after each service.
6. Organize themselves into positions at strategic locations in the course of the service.
7. Be friendly and approachable by all and sundry. Most importantly, treat all worshippers as important personalities.
8. Ushers are expected to come earlier that all members to church.
9. All activities of the unit is subject to the Pastor’s final decision on every matter

Many who think about marriage have shallow knowledge of what marriage entails. Besides, they are ignorant of knowledge of the marriage institution. The role of the church is to assist them in proper understanding of marriage and how they are to prepare if they want to succeed in it. Thus, the committee will be involved in the following:
1. Interview the couple first to ensure each party is born again.
2. Probe their conviction on the emerging relationship and marriage plans
3. Raise critical issues of concern that intending couple should know
4. Give them guidelines to follow in respect of what and what not to do in courtship.
5. Ensure all necessary medical tests are conducted in order to guide against irrecoverable errors.
6. Make sure letter of permission is obtained from the woman’s family as evidence that the man in question is well known to them.
7. Ensure all counselling sessions are concluded at least a month to the wedding and officially hand them over to the Pastor.
8. Please note that: All decisions are subject to the Pastor’s final approval, hence, you are serving as God’s ambassadors in the unit.

The choir of the church is one of the most important units of the church and every member is regarded as a minister in principle. The church expects the following from the unit:
1. That all members be born again and accept spiritual song and music as a calling from God
2. Submit to the unit leader in practice of songs and other important instruction.
3. Prayerfully prepare to lead the worshippers to the throne of God whenever the church gathers for services.
4. Organize special training sessions for the unit members on voice training, rudiments of music, and human development as touching building up of personal confidence during presentations and other skills.
5. Every member must see his or herself as a minister of God; hence, holiness should be the watchword.
6. Always showcase the best hands among the members to challenge others to personally develop themselves.
7. Choir members are expected to develop themselves to be able to compose songs for the edification of the body of Christ.
8. All decisions are subject to the Pastor’s approval; in as much as you are serving as God’s ambassador in the unit.

The church expectation from the prayer unit and its members are the following:
1. Must be born again and have genuine passion for intercession.
2. Strive to be practically involved in at least 30 mins preparatory prayers before every service.
3. The unit should hold at least a night vigil monthly in the church and be present spirit, soul and body.
4. All members must be readily available to hold the fort whenever the need arises in the ministry of prayer.
5. Members are expected to abide in God’s presence always to understand God’s mind and communicate it to the church.
6. All decisions are subject to the Pastor’s final approval.

This is a vital unit of the church and members are appointed by the Pastor subject to the advice of the council of ministers. They are appointed to take charge of church finances and seek Pastors direction on expenditure of the church’s fund. The unit is made up of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Church Administrative Assistant. The duties of the unit are as follow:

  1. Keeping of records involving income & expenditure accounts correctly for proper accountability.
  2. Obtain Pastors’ approval before the disbursement of any fund.
  3. Ensure the bank statements correspond with the record books at hand.
  4. Prepare a comprehensive annual report for the ministry at the end of every accounting year.

The major assignment of the unit is to oversee the properties of the Church, supervise construction projects and advise the Pastor on new projects and participate in its implementation.  The terms of reference include:

  1. Take inventory of church properties
  2. Advise on landscaping and environmental issues
  3. Advise on purchase of landed properties
  4. Be responsible for management of the physical outlook of the church

They are responsible for the cleanness of the church auditorium and other facilities like toilets, children church and offices.

The activities of this unit are programme-driven and therefore, the terms of reference are as follows:

  1. Ensure that advert document are prepared for every special programme and follow through all printing document that relate to church programme;
  2. Divide the whole community into publicity zones and devise coverage of adverts.
  3. Ensure effective distribution of handbills, pasting of posters and banners.
  4. Identify and connect to Radio and television stations with moderate charges to cover church programme adverts;
  5. Prayerfully devise innovative and creative publicity of church programmes
  6. Explore the use of text messages in advertisement of church programmes

The unit is expected to prayerfully constitute themselves into a spiritual network to track young converts and all the new comers to the church. The terms of reference include:

  1. Interaction with new comers to every church programme
  2. Collect correct addresses that can be used for follow-up
  3. Accept responsibility to follow-up young converts emerging from all church programmes and activities
  4. Meet from time to time to pray on their assignment
  5. Seek the pastor’s advise when necessary
  6. Ensure that the Pastor approves all the unit plans.

1. Supervise the church evangelism activities
2. Devise other means of evangelizing the local people and those in the rural areas as the grace manifests
3. Work with the follow up unit to ensure young convert are properly discipled
4. Meet to pray from time to time to strategize on evangelistic direction.